The Expert On Turning Difficulties Into Opportunities

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Charles Fleisher, The Opportunities Guy, was permanently injured in an automobile accident at age 18. In his book “The Secret of Difficulties: 4 Steps To Turn Tragedies into Opportunities”, and through his speeches and workshops he teaches how to use challenges to get the most out of your business and personal life. The inspirational thoughts in his book and presentations offer real-world examples and guidelines.

At the age of 19, in June of 1989, I found myself wide-eyed and smiling from ear to ear in front of an itinerary of events. As I browsed the list, which included water skiing, hot air ballooning, sailing, camping, canoeing, and white water rafting, I began to feel as if I had entered an extreme sports summer camp. I added my name to all these events and the fun soon began to unfold. The funny thing about this story is that I was not at an extreme summer camp.  I had just been admitted to Craig Hospital, a rehab facility for individuals with spinal cord injuries and head trauma.

Only months before I had been injured as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident. Without even knowing it inspirational thoughts help me to begin using my difficulties as opportunities. It wasn’t easy having rehab every day in order to regain only a shadow of my former strength, but since I was in Colorado anyway why not take advantage of the phenomenal recreational therapy department at the rehab.

I now devote my life to showing audiences how with the help of their own inspirational thoughts they can overcome everyday difficulties, and how if they choose to embrace their struggles head-on, those difficulties can and will provide them with remarkable opportunities. Opportunities to succeed in business. Opportunities for self-improvement and growth. And opportunities to build strong relationships. My motto is “Identify difficulties, take them head-on with action, and they will become your greatest opportunities.”

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