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Year after year The National Speakers Association convention participants and presenters reiterate the importance of their founder Cavett Robert. I’ve never had the privilege to him, but a sense of what he set out to do and was able to accomplish, infuses the National Speakers Association. He famously said “let’s make the pie bigger”. In essence he was saying to those in the speaking business (which didn’t technically exist yet) that if we band together, support one another other and share each other’s experiences and resources we need not compete with each other. This is evident in the fact that the speaking profession has grown exponentially since the National Speakers Association was founded in 1973.


Zig Ziglar, also a long-term member and supporter of The National Speakers Association had a similar philosophy. He is renowned for stating “you can have anything you want in life. As long as your willing to help others get what they want”.


Whether you’re a seasoned speaker, looking to learn more about the speaking business, or somewhere in between, you’re invited to A National Speakers Association New Jersey chapter meeting.

For those of you who are busy and successful in your speaking business, we’re asking you remember the Spirit of Cavett that provided you with the foundation to get to where you are. Come share what you learned from the NSA when you were first building your success. Learn from our CSP level educational programs and network with other top professionals.

For those of you who have strong businesses but want to become stronger we have amazing programming and experienced professionals to learn from and to serve your business.

For those of you who are speaking for free and want to learn how to turn your passion into a business we have the NSA-NJ Aspiring Speakers Program.

It’s time we all embrace the Spirit of Cavett by sharing our experiences and successes and by continuing to “make the pie bigger”.

(left) W Mitchell world-renowned speaker, author, CPAE (center) Naomi Rhody inspirational speaker, author CPAE(right) Glenna Salsbury inspirational speaker, SPAE, Cavett award winner. Charles Fleisher inspirational speaker, author, coach (left)Mark LaBlac difficultiesCharles Fleisher

NSA-NJ President 2016-2017


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