In this article written in the Diversity Factor, Charles Fleisher interviews three individuals who had traumatic spinal cord injuries and discusses with them elements of their thrivingly careers. All three regularly deal with serious obstacles and challenges, but they have overcome their difficulties to become an inspiration to us all.

Two Quadriplegics and One Paraplegic Shared Inspirational Thoughts About Returning to Work

The article in the link below appeared in Kessler Hospital’s newsletter. It discusses how Charles Fleisher was able to take the difficulties associated with a spinal cord injury and turned it into an opportunity to speak to nearly 40,000 about spinal cord and head trauma injury prevention.

Thinkfirst VIP awards ceremony recipient Charles Fleisher

The article in the link below discusses how Charles Fleisher (The Opportunities Guy) was injured in a spinal cord injury at 18 and how he dealt with it. It discusses his inspiration and motivation for writing his book The Secret of Difficulties. It also describes why and how he learned the value of using one’s own difficulties as opportunities to improve your own life, work situation, or relationships.

Preface for why The Secret of Difficulties: 4 Steps to Turn Tragedies into Opportunities Was Written

The Article Linked below describes how Randy  Pausch gave an inspirational speech that inspired millions. He used the difficulty of his impending death as an opportunity to share the importance of “truly living your childhood dreams.” And at the same time leave a legacy for his three young children.

Randy Pausch’s Inspirational Story

The following is an article about one of the most inspirational individuals I have ever heard of. After being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Gordon Murray chose to spend the last months of his life helping others. He took the difficulty and attention he received writing a book with his dying days and turned it into an opportunity. An opportunity to help people on Main Street invest more wisely.

Gordon Murray’s Inspiring Story

In the following article Marilyn Hamilton a happily married 29-year-old schoolteacher demonstrates how self-interest can lead to inspirational accomplishments. After being injured with a spinal cord injury in a time where wheelchairs were 50 to 60 pounds, Maryland decided that she wouldn’t be able to live a a truly fall active life in such a awkward restrictive wheelchair and decided to turn the difficulty into an opportunity. Because she wanted to look better, have more function and more mobility she and her two partners took the difficulty of the overweight awkward heavy wheelchairs and creating a company to provide lightweight stylish wheelchairs. As a result she and her partners were able to sell their garage startup company for $60 million in little over a decade.

Inspirational Thoughts On How Marilyn Hamilton Is Schoolteacher To the Difficulty Into a $60 Million Business



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