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  • Inspiration
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Problem Solving

Suggested Keynote Programs

The Gift of Difficulties

Keynote Description

Your Audience Will Learn

  • How many of the most successful companies, organizations and individuals throughout history recognized that their obstacles were gifts necessary for their success.
  • Why it would improve a organization or companies motivation and productivity to understand that as Frederick Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” and as Anthony Robbins said “Every problem is a gift-without problems we would not grow.”
  •  This presentation will show the audience how businesses and ordinary individuals capitalized on their difficulties and instead of viewing them as obstacles embraced them as gifts.
  • It will demonstrate how difficulties actually became gifts necessary for many companies, organizations, and individuals to be successful beyond what many people would have imagined possible.
  • This presentation will inspire the audience to use their own challenges as opportunities in their workplace, organizations or in their own lives.

The Secret of Difficulties: 4 Steps to Turn Difficulties into Opportunities

Keynote description

Your audience will learn the importance of

    1. Identifying difficulties and recognizing how to turn them into opportunities at work, within organizations and in their own lives.
    2. Imagining solutions that will improve productivity at work, the effectiveness of organizations their involvement with, and to increase life satisfaction.
    3. Making plans to convert their difficulties based on a close examination of the difficulties they face in all aspects of their lives.
    4. Putting plans into action with detailed organized activities that produce measurable outcomes.
    5. Mr. Fleisher will share what he’s learned about taking challenging situations and turning them into opportunities.
    6. He shares remarkable examples of individuals from different walks of life that found opportunities they wouldn’t have had if they had not decided to overcome their challenges.  And how multimillion dollar companies were formed as a result.
    7. The presentation focuses on 4 steps that that each remarkable individual used. The awareness Mr. Fleisher has received from living with paralysis has led him to believe that anyone can potentially use difficulties to their advantage.
    8. Why they would benefit from first clearly identifying one or more difficulties, imagining  solutions to the challenges, making plans , and taking consistent actions.
    9. This presentation will provide inspiration and entertainment as well as an outline for the audience to get started capitalizing on their own difficulties.

Full And Part Day Workshops 

  • Your audience will learn how to use work, personal, or family struggles as their greatest opportunities.
  • Through a series of interactive activities Mr. Fleisher will demonstrate the effectiveness of identifying difficulties to use as opportunities and how they can positively impact a business, organization or individuals attitude and performance.
  • The program will provide tools that the audience can use on a daily basis to stay inspired and productive.
  • These tools can be applied to help maximize performance for any company, organization, or individual.
  • The foundation of the workshop involves identifying difficulties within the organization as a foundation for making improvements.
  • Imagining solutions that will improve productivity, member and employee loyalty, and improve commitment by members and employees.
  • Making plans by focusing on what works.
  • Taking action putting what works into effect.

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